A step-by-step guide to connecting AWS or Lightsail via SSH on windows, mac, or Linux-based machine

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How to create AWS EC2 (Ubuntu machine)?

Note: You can skip this part if you created an EC2 server already

Step 1: Create an AWS Account, and sign in. Open the Amazon EC2 console

Step 2: Choose Launch Instance and select Launch Instance

Launch EC2 instance

Step 3: Enter the name of your instance. Under Application and OS Images (Amazon Machine Image), find an Ubuntu option and select


Step 4: In Instance type select as “t2.micro” (Select based on your need). Under “Key Pair” select Create new key pair.

create .pem file
  • Enter the key pair name
  • Select the key type as RSA
  • Select the key file format as .pem
  • Download the .pem file and keep it in a safe place.
Create key pair file

Step 5: Under Network settings

  1. Check Allow HTTPS traffic from the internet
  2. Check Allow HTTP traffic from the internet
  3. Check Allow SSH traffic from

Step 6: Under Configure Store enter storage size as “30” and Click on Launch Instance.


Step 7: Once the instance is launched you can see the instance status as running


Step 8: Now click on the instance ID and copy the server IP address. To login into the server, an IP address is required


Great!🎉. Your Ubuntu instance has started🥳.

Login into AWS EC2 or Lightsail using SSH for Linux or Mac-based machines

Step 1 : Open terminal and go to the path where you downloaded the .pem file . In my case I downloaded the file in downloads folder (cd /your/.pem/filepath)

.pem file location

Step 2: Now you should provide permission for your .pem file. To do that type chmod -R 400 my-login-key.pem. Otherwise you will get “UNPROTECTED PRIVATE KEY FILE!” , bad permissions error.

Providing permission to .pem file
Without providing permission

Step 3 : To login into server type ssh -i your.pemfilename ubuntu@ipaddress

a. Yourpem.file -> your .pem file name

b. Ipaddress -> your server ip address (IP address you have copied in Aws console)


Login into AWS EC2 or Lightsail using SSH for a windows machine

Step 1: To login into the EC2 machine from windows, putty is required. Download putty

Step 2: Once the executable file is downloaded. Double-click on the .exe file and click next next to complete the installation.

Putty installation setup

Step 3: To login server using putty, first you need to convert .pem file into .ppk file

  • Once you install the PuTTY on your machine, you can easily run PuTTYgen. For the same, go to Windows -> Start Menu -> All Programs -> PuTTYgen.
  • You will see the PuTTY key generator dialog box on your screen.
  • Click on Load button, a dialogue box will ask you to select .pem file. In that dialogue box change .ppk files to all files and select the .pem file and then click open button
Load .pem file
change .ppk files to all files
change .ppk files to all files

Step:4 Now you will see the below dialog box -> click Save private key. The file will be saved as .ppk file

Save private key

Step 5: Now open windows->Putty and do the following steps to login into EC2 or lightsail server

  1. In the hostname, input box enter your username@ipaddress. Eg: [email protected]
login into server using putty

2. Now select SSH in the sidebar Category->Connection->SSH->Auth


3. In the right side panel click the Browse button and select the .ppk file that you have generated in step 4 and click the open button


4. If the below screen prompts click Accept and continue


5. If you did everything right you will see the below terminal


Congratulations🎉!, you successfully logged on to Ec2 or Lightsail server. Nice work 😃

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