How to create awesome 130+ beautiful landing pages for free

Yes! you heard it right, you can create beautiful landing pages for free using WordPress by installing one theme

But installing WordPress is a tedious process 😫. If this is your mind’s voice, GoGoSoon Scripts ❤️ is here to rescue you. You can install WordPress in under 1 minute by executing a single command.

A free theme with 130+ beautiful landing pages

A theme with 130+ beautiful landing pages is Phlox. Phlox is a modern lightweight and customizable theme perfect for almost any type of website including, blog, portfolio, business, agency, food & restaurant, etc..,

Phlox is the best Elementor multipurpose theme that you have ever seen. It has more than 80 Complete Elementor demos that can simply import and edit on Elementor.

Phlox comes with the most powerful and advanced theme options system; you can override the options for every single page or set it globally to be applied to the whole website, and see the results in real-time. The smart dependency algorithm in theme options has made working with options so fun, simple, and intuitive.

Phlox has both free and paid themes, choose based on your need. In this article, we will use the Phlox theme

How to import WordPress theme and start editing your site

  1. Once you install WordPress you can see the below page. If not, most probably you have not used GoGoSoon Scripts and ended up with a database error or 404 page not found, or other errors. To avoid these common WordPress Errors and save time use GoGoSoon Scripts
WordPress installation page

2. Select the language based on your need and click the Continue button.

3. It will ask you to enter the Site Title, Username, Password, and your Email. Please enter all the details and click the “Install WordPress” button.

WordPress installation wizard

4. Now the following screen will appear, click on login button

Successful WordPress installation

5. You can see a Dashboard Page

WordPress Dashboard

6. To install a WordPress theme click on “Appearance-> Themes” in the left sidebar

Select themes

7. Now click on the “Add New” button. You will see the following page (second screenshot)

Add new theme

8. You can see thousands of WordPress themes. Some of them were paid themes. If you really like the theme you can purchase the theme and start editing it. But Phlox provides a lot of attractive themes with Elementor support

9. To install the Phlox theme, in the top search bar enter “phlox”

Phlox installation

10. When you hover on the card, you can see the install button click on it and click Activate button

11. Once you Activate you can see the following page. Click on the “Install ½- phlox Core Plugin” button.

Phlox installation

12. Once the Phlox theme is installed, the Phlox menu will appear in the left sidebar. Click on it, you will see Phlox welcome page. To import the theme click on “Demo Importer”

Phlox demo importer

13. You can see a list of free themes, select any theme and click the import button, then click continue->Install Plugins->Skip->Import Content

Import phlox theme
Import phlox theme
import phlox theme

14. Once everything is downloaded, you can visit your beautiful site and start editing the site.

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