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How to create AWS Lightsail instance

What is Amazon Lightsail?

Software offered by Lightsail

Lightsail offers a range of operating system and application templates that are automatically installed when you create a new Lightsail instance. Application templates include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Ghost, Magento, Redmine, LAMP, Nginx (LEMP), MEAN, Node.js, Django, and more.

Differences between Amazon EC2 and Amazon Lightsail

There are a few points that you can use to help you decide which service will work best for your needs. The following are the main differences between Amazon EC2 and Lightsail

a/ Ease

Amazon Lightsail:

Amazon EC2:


Amazon Lightsail:

Amazon EC2:

c/Elastic volumes:

Amazon Lightsail — Does not support Elastic volumes

Amazon EC2 — Supports Elastic volumes

d/Free tier

Amazon Lightsail — The free tier is available for 3 months from the day of signing up.

Amazon EC2 — The free tier is available for 12 months from the day of signing up.

Creating AWS Lightsail instance?

In the following sections, we are going to cover a brief walkthrough of creating an AWS Lightsail instance using the AWS Console. First things first, create an AWS Account and sign-in

Once you log in you can see this page

Amazon Lightsail dashboard

Click on Create Instance. You will be landed on the following page. Select a platform based on your requirement, I’m choosing Linux/Unix

Amazon Lightsail create instance

As we have seen previously, AWS Lightsail provides a lot of templates. Choose one based on your requirement. For now, I don’t need any templates, so I’m going with OS only and selected Ubuntu(20.04 LTS)

AWS Lightsail OS only

When you scroll down, you can see “Change SSH Key pair” click on it. Now click on the Create New button. A Popup will open, click on the Create button, and another prompt will open and ask you to enter the SSH key pair name. Enter any name of your wish. I’m entering it as my-wordpress-site. Once you entered the name click on Generate key pair button

Your key pair will be created. Click on the Download private key button and download the key pair and click the Okay, got it button. 
Note: You can download it only once, so please keep it safe

Now choose your instance plan based on your budget. I’m going to create a WordPress site, which requires at least 1GB Ram. So in this example, I’m selecting a $5USD plan

In the Identify your instance section, type any unique name of your wish, I’m giving it as my-wordpress-site

Now click on the “Create instance” button

You can see the server status as “Running”

Click the newly created server. In my case my-wordpress-site, you will be landed to the following page

Now you can connect to the ubuntu server in two ways

Success 🎉! You’ve launched an AWS Lightsail instance. Nice work 😃

Next Steps :

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