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A step-by-step guide to connecting AWS or Lightsail via SSH on windows, mac, or Linux-based machine

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How to create AWS EC2 (Ubuntu machine)?

Note: You can skip this part if you created an EC2 server already

Step 1: Create an AWS Account, and sign in. Open the Amazon EC2 console

Step 2: Choose Launch Instance and select Launch Instance

Launch EC2 instance

Step 3: Enter the name of your instance. Under Application and OS Images (Amazon Machine Image), find an Ubuntu option and select


Step 4: In Instance type select as “t2.micro” (Select based on your need). Under “Key Pair” select Create new key pair.

create .pem file
Create key pair file

Step 5: Under Network settings

  1. Check Allow HTTPS traffic from the internet
  2. Check Allow HTTP traffic from the internet
  3. Check Allow SSH traffic from

Step 6: Under Configure Store enter storage size as “30” and Click on Launch Instance.


Step 7: Once the instance is launched you can see the instance status as running


Step 8: Now click on the instance ID and copy the server IP address. To login into the server, an IP address is required


Great!🎉. Your Ubuntu instance has started🥳.

Login into AWS EC2 or Lightsail using SSH for Linux or Mac-based machines

Step 1 : Open terminal and go to the path where you downloaded the .pem file . In my case I downloaded the file in downloads folder (cd /your/.pem/filepath)

.pem file location

Step 2: Now you should provide permission for your .pem file. To do that type chmod -R 400 my-login-key.pem. Otherwise you will get “UNPROTECTED PRIVATE KEY FILE!” , bad permissions error.

Providing permission to .pem file
Without providing permission

Step 3 : To login into server type ssh -i your.pemfilename ubuntu@ipaddress

a. Yourpem.file -> your .pem file name

b. Ipaddress -> your server ip address (IP address you have copied in Aws console)


Login into AWS EC2 or Lightsail using SSH for a windows machine

Step 1: To login into the EC2 machine from windows, putty is required. Download putty

Step 2: Once the executable file is downloaded. Double-click on the .exe file and click next next to complete the installation.

Putty installation setup

Step 3: To login server using putty, first you need to convert .pem file into .ppk file

Load .pem file
change .ppk files to all files
change .ppk files to all files

Step:4 Now you will see the below dialog box -> click Save private key. The file will be saved as .ppk file

Save private key

Step 5: Now open windows->Putty and do the following steps to login into EC2 or lightsail server

  1. In the hostname, input box enter your username@ipaddress. Eg: ubuntu@
login into server using putty

2. Now select SSH in the sidebar Category->Connection->SSH->Auth


3. In the right side panel click the Browse button and select the .ppk file that you have generated in step 4 and click the open button


4. If the below screen prompts click Accept and continue


5. If you did everything right you will see the below terminal


Congratulations🎉!, you successfully logged on to Ec2 or Lightsail server. Nice work 😃

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