We are young and dynamic software consultancy aimed to provide quality services to our customers. We relentlessly dedicate our time and resources to the R&D and innovation that helps us to deliver better products in a shorter time frame and satisfy the customers.

How we develop and release software

GoGoSoon has experienced and dedicated professionals who are passionate about innovating and implementing new ideas in the software we develop. For efficient developing of software, we follow Agile Software development, one of the effective software model which helps us to be more reactive and do more works in less time. We divide theĀ  large project into small tasks, which makes developers to complete features quickly and easily.

Customer Relationships

Initially we approach clients for gathering requirements for the software. We schedule meetings with the customer, until we collect all the requirements from them. Based on the collected data, we research about the tools and technologies that well suits the needs of the software and propose them to the customer. We always prefer meaningful tools to trendier tools. Upon the approval from the client, we discuss internally with our professionals about designing the infrastructure of the project, prototyping and designing the software. We submit Design and Prototype of the software to the client, upon their consent, we further start development phase.

We will schedule meetings weekly, bi-weekly or based on the customer interest, to report the progress before moving to the next sprint.

Test Driven Development

Software quality relies on effective user experience and free from bugs . To reduce various defects in the system, we follow Test Driven Development in our company, one of the best development practice, which prevents the bugs/defects from the system. Once a task moved to the sprint, we do pair programming i.e., Our developers pair with the any one of the tester from the QA team. Tester will write unit tests for the feature and hand it to the developer, and latter will write code to pass the test cases. Aftermath is the Refactoring the code, to make the code more maintainable and readable. Upon this, the feature is ready for the delivery. The whole process is fun, since the development will be like a game between QA team and Developers team, and this helps our employees more productive at their work and ensure delivering of quality product as well.

Picture depicts how GoGoSoon release weekly/bi-weekly build.

Why Clients love us?

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.


Instead of starting a software from scratch, we use internally developed modules called GoGoCode with which development becomes easier, making us to deliver faster than the normal development time.

We always consider security as the important aspect of a software. We aim to develop software which is bug free and provides good user Experience. To prevent our software from various attacks, we develop Audit Logs, Error monitoring, rate limiter and other features which is accepted by most developers to prevent these attacks globally.

So By default every software we release includes

We have already build efficient Admin Framework to develop Admin Panel and also we have pre build modules for Audit logs and error monitoring  which saves lot of development time.

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